Centurion 18 Image Gallery with Canon 350D Hutech type 1 filter mod

updated June 17, 2005

& October 18, December 2

Field of view is 1 x 2/3 degree with C-18

These images were a cake walk and actually twice as many other objects were captured that night (June 15) waiting for the moon to move and then after it set (those images are not shown yet). The camera is supported by Maxim DL and run via PC. It has a very small footprint, huge chip and nice resolution, very well matched to the C-18. Haven't even done flat fields yet! One could say that " the cat is out of the bag", but "THE BULL IS OUT OF THE PEN!" is more appropriate. Stay tuned.......

NEW: Lower set of 9 taken at Norma Rose Observatory Queensland Australia winter 2005. All unguided, dark subtracted, and flat fielded. Click on label for lager version. Note: some purists may notice unsymmetrical bright star patterns at either the top or bottom edge of the frames. This is due to the camera's internal mirror assembly protruding against the chip which gets in the way of an f/2.8 light cone. While flat fielding fixes the illumination issue, it can't fix the diffraction effect from this.

NEWER: Check out the Canon wide field lens result page by clicking on the last image.


M20...........3 @ 30sec.







NGC 6946..........5@1min.

M3 and NGC 5263

M17 @ Norma Rose

M4 @ Norma Rose

M8 @ Norma Rose

IC 1275 @ Norma Rose


IC 1284 @ Norma Rose


NGC 6188 @ Norma Rose


NGC 6744 @ Norma Rose


Zeta Scorpius neb @ Norma Rose


Eta Carina @ Norma Rose


Canon 50mm f/1.8 II images captured

with a cheap plastic body lens

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