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The Centurion 18

A telescope that redefines amateur astronomy!


The above image is what you can expect from the Centurion 18 and the industry standard SBIG ST-2000 self guided CCD imager. This is an RGB tricolor, combined with a black and white exposure. See October 2004 Past Image of The Month comparison to the same image taken with the worlds largest telescope, the VLT in Chile.


We strive to bring amateur astronomy into the 21st century by delivering the first production telescope that is expressly designed for large aperture-wide field CCD imaging. Imagine an 18 inch aperture operating at a fast f/2.8 speed and covering up to a 35mm SLR film format!

No need for a darkroom or even eyepieces! Just hook this telescope up to your laptop computer/CCD camera and you'll be taking CCD images in just a few minutes. Incredible CCD images comparable to those done with the world's largest and most expensive telescopes can be yours at just a small fraction of their cost. After viewing one second exposure images of star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae real time on a laptop PC, you may never want to use eyepieces again. The advanced GO-TO control makes image acquisition enjoyable and allows for comfortable remote viewing.

ST-2000 LRGB
Note the uncommonly vivid colors the
Centurion 18 delivers!

The Centurion advantage with one shot DSLR color

At a speed of f/2.8, the Centurion 18 is uniquely suited for CCD imaging like no other telescope in amateur hands. Unguided exposure times of just 30 seconds per frame will allow deep exposures of galaxies and nebulae. Since exposure times are very short, it is possible to easily capture many gigabytes of color images in one night. With the recent introduction of 8 megapixel cameras with very small pixel sizes like the Canon EOS 350D, there now exists a truly optimal match for the Centurion 18's 50" focal length and larger field of view.

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Astro Works Corporation has been manufacturing custom telescopes since 1977. We started out by making cast aluminum fork mounts which evolved into manufacturing complete astrographic telescopes as large as 24 1/2" f/6.2 Schmidt Cassegrains and as varied as straight refractors, folded refractors, and folded off axis parabolas. In the 80's we manufactured the Astromak, a specialized 12" f/5 Maksutov Cassegrain, which was labeled as the ultimate astrographic telescope.

Astro Works test area at 1982 scope maxima in Northern New Mexico.
Products left to right are:
a) 8" f/10 triplet refractor on test pier
b) 14" f/5 Newtonian w/customer
c) 16" f/8 Cassegrain
d) 16" f/4 Newtonian




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